Two weeks after our hospital’s inauguration, witnessed by the City of Edinburgh Lord Provost Frank Ross and Senior Deputy Mayor Fu Dongyang, the scaffolding is now down and our building stands tall and proud against the Fujian skyline.

While contractors finish the main structure, we will soon move onto the key building approval stages that, once complete, will allow refurbishment work to begin in earnest to transform a wonderful building into a magnificent international hospital.

In parallel, our company is in discussions with highly reputable designers to decide on who will get the green light to produce the conceptual plan and lead on the schematic design and full design development.

The Edinburgh International Hospital will occupy 23,000 sq.m of this building near Putian city centre. There are 2 main sections linked by a 2 storey connection. The lower 9 storey section will house the specialist out patient services, with the inpatient services located in the 13 storey section.

While providing a wide range of services as required of a Class 2 hospital, the Edinburgh International Hospital will include an International Diabetes Centre for the advanced treatment and management of diabetes and other chronic endocrinology conditions. Edinburgh also specializes in Paediatrics and Maternity Services, from assisted conception to obstetrics and gynaecology, so the hospital plans to establish international centres of excellence in these disciplines.

As an allied hospital to the University of Edinburgh, ranked 18th in the world, the Edinburgh International Hospital will also contain medical research and education facilities. International studies have shown that patients have better outcomes when treated in hospitals that have a strong academic backbone.

Over the coming months we will update you on the progress of our Edinburgh International Hospital in Putian. We hope you enjoy the journey.

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