Shenzhen People’s Hospital

The University of Edinburgh has a strategic partnership with Shenzhen People’s Hospital which is managed by Edinburgh International Investments.

The parties are working together to establish an international standard Diabetes Centre in Shenzhen’s oldest leading hospital.

Shenzhen People’s Hospital has a rich  history. Founded in 1946, its predecessor was Baoan County People’s Hospital, which was renamed in 1979.

In 1994, Shenzhen City People’s Hospital wasnominated as the city’s first AAA hospital.

In 1996, it was approved by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office as the Second Affiliated Hospital of the School of Medicine, Jinan University.

In 2005, the hospital was upgraded to Second Clinical Medical College of Jinan University. Along with the growth of the Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen People’s Hospital has developed as one of the largest modern general hospitals in Shenzhen, with 2,500 beds and more than 3 million outpatient discharges per annum.

The hospital’ s 320,000 square metre complex was designed by the Scandinavian architects Arkitema and Biad, and professes to possess “ the latest and most advanced facilities in the Chinese hospital sector.”

The hospital has established 3 research institutes, 3 key medical laboratories, 5 R&D centres for medical engineering & technology and 1 national level experimental base for clinical drugs.

Shenzhen Peoples Hospital has also launched an innovative, cloud based “ Virtual Hospital” , enabling the hospital to remain in closer contact with patients, monitoring patients through a range of sensors, apps, and medicines, allowing patients to access a telephone helpline, be invited to return to the hospital for check-ups, or arrange ‘Angel Service’  home visits by doctor and nurse teams. As of May 2017, the Virtual Hospital had generated data from over 910,000 patients.

A recent ranking by Best Hospital Adviser shows that the satisfaction rate of Shenzhen People’s Hospital is 67%, which is a good result among the hospitals in China.