Edinburgh International Investments is establishing Scotland’s first invested hospital in Mainland China, a 200-bed international premium hospital in eastern China’s Fujian Province. The 23,000 m² Edinburgh International Hospital, located in Putian City will provide general medical services with a special focus on paediatrics and the treatment of diabetes. The hospital will also house medical training and research facilities.

On October 14th 2018, City of Edinburgh Lord Provost Frank Ross officiated at a inauguration ceremony for the newly completed building in Putian, Fujian Province, and the naming of a street after Scotland’s capital. He was be joined by Julian Taylor, Executive Director Asia Pacific, Scottish Development International.

The hospital is established and will be operated by the Edinburgh founded company, which is a joint venture between The University of Edinburgh and a Hong Kong listed hospital management group. The company was established in March 2018 to pursue opportunities in China’s healthcare market, drawing on expertise and excellence in training, education, research, data science, health services management and in-depth knowledge of doing business in China.

Putian, population 2.8 million, is a wealthy city on the Taiwan Strait, a national export base for the Province’s key products including steel products, high end furniture, shoes, electronics, garments, fruit and vegetables. Labelled as the China’s Tennessee for the private hospitals like in USA, the residents of the city  have established  80% of China’s 12,000 privately invested hospitals, accounting for nearly 50% of the total hospitals in the world’s  largest country.

“Our project with Putian City aligns perfectly with our strategy to deliver excellence in healthcare service provision, medical training and research, supported by Scottish expertise” explained Dr. David Jiang, Chairman of Edinburgh International Investments. “We believe our hospitals can provide opportunities for clinicians, researchers and service providers who are keen to work in China’s rapidly transforming healthcare sector. This will be our first hospital with other projects to follow in the near future. “

The company is also engaged in the development of Putian’s £ 5.6 billion Mazu International Health City project where it will support the establishment of an additional four specialist hospitals on a 168 km² site around 40 km from the main urban area. In addition to hospitals, the city is investing in a drug development centre, medical school, conference centre and facilities for medical and wellbeing tourism. A ferry terminal will be built to serve a cross Straits service. Putian’s strategy is to attract medical consumers from Taiwan and Mainland China’s eastern seaboard, akin to an Oriental Florida. Edinburgh International Investments will be responsible for the conceptual planning, marketing, management and will also introduce medical specialties.

China’s healthcare sector is challenged by people and skill shortages and an increase in common diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. For the Chinese Government, healthcare reform is both a social and national security priority.  China’s healthcare spending in 2015 was £411 billion. This is expected to reach £750 billion by 2020.  The Government’s reforms present international players with new business opportunities in this market.

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