Team Edinburgh line up ahead of the Fujian Party Secretary’s inspection

Wednesday, April 17th, Putian: Fujian Provincial Government Party Secretary Yu Weiguo led a high level delegation to Putian City’s Mazu International Healthcare City, to inspect construction progress and meet with the project’s advance guard of companies and institutions.

Gateway to Mazu International Healthcare City

Party Secretary Yu praised EII’s efforts to establish quality medical services in Fujian Province and to introduce expertise from leading universities. EII is a University of Edinburgh spin-out company and a business vehicle of the university in China.

EII is already establishing an advanced comprehensive hospital in the Mazu International Healthcare City pilot zone, in Putian City. The clinical specialties reflect the expertise of the University of Edinburgh and partners as well as the needs of the local and provincial population. Foreign experts are involved in the design and operational policies, in teaching and training, in research and clinical audit. Once the hospital opens in October 2019, new technology and clinical innovations will be introduced to benefit the health of citizens.

EII’s initiatives in smart hospital technology also attracted attention. A robot for managing and analyzing logistics information and transporting essentials around a ‘smart hospital’ was remotely weaving its way around the showroom.
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GIF of EII Medical Transportation Robot

Other innovations to be introduced to Putian include a smart corridor that uses facial recognition and physical monitoring to help predict health conditions associated with conditions such as heart failure, certain lung diseases, kidney failure and stroke. Facial recognition is also used to monitor patient numbers and flow. Tele-visiting allows family members and patients to keep in touch through our bespoke system. This is particularly helpful when friends and relatives live far from the hospital or in the case of a patient with an infectious disease.

In Mazu International Healthcare City, EII is keen to collaborate and introduce other like minded investors and technologies to Fujian Province. The company also welcomes applications from healthcare professionals who want to grow their careers with a company that puts quality and service before profit.

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