On the auspicious day of March 9th, Edinburgh International Investments (EII) agreed to terms with our partner construction company 长长久久: we will live together for ever ! Five minutes after signing, we got straight to work. 加油 !

EII General Manager Nick Mackie accompanied by EII’s Deputy Medical Director Jason Ding and hospital Vice President Frank Zhu got to work, taking the first swings of the sledgehammer. There was no time to waste!

By Thursday 14th, floors 2, 3 and 4 of the inpatients building were opened up. One row of blockwork walls along a central corridor of each 950 square metre floor had been completely demolished by hand. A second crew is also now on site to tackle the out patients building. By March 20th, the site will be working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Total construction work is scheduled to take 150 days from start to finish. At the height of the building work, a full squad of 400 builders will be on site.

Our GM Nick Mackie ran out of elbow grease, so we brought in backup to speed things up!

Refurbishment of the hospital will reach an advanced stage by May 1st for trial openings to follow soon after.

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