Edinburgh International Investments (EII) and China Merchants Group (CMG) based in Shenzhen, purchased and donated 20,000 certified medical face masks to the city of Edinburgh.

China is still fighting an ongoing battle against COVID-19, but it is slowly beating the virus and would like to help other countries in their fight. From January, there has been an increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the UK. At the time of posting, there were 8,929 new cases and new case are expected every day. In 2019, Edinburgh and Shenzhen signed a “twin city” cooperation agreement and this is a great chance for the city of Shenzhen to help its sister city in a time of need.

Due to the shortage of medical supplies, especially personal protective equipment (PPE), China has ramped up its production and EII and CMG were able to secure an order of certified medical face masks to send abroad. The masks were sent on the 25th of March and they should arrive within the week! EII and CMG are on call to help if more PPE is needed as they both operate in the China healthcare industry and can help source PPE to fight the pandemic!

EII and CMG hope the city of Edinburgh and the world are successful in the fight against COVID-19! Wash your hands, practice social distancing and keep the immune system strong!

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