On June 5, 2020, representatives from Edinburgh International Investments (EII) attended the Members’ Fireside Chat held by the British Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong (BritCham GD). Despite COVID-19, representatives from all walks of life as chamber members of the BritCham GD were open and active to meet and establish business relations while practicing social distancing. 

2020年6月5日,爱丁堡国际投资(EII)代表参与了广东英国商会(BritCham GD)举办的Members’ Fireside交流活动。尽管受到COVID-19疫情影响,来自各行各业的商会成员代表持积极开放态度,在保持健康安全距离的同时彼此“近距离”了解彼此,建立友好商业关系。

After the opening speech by the Shenzhen Representative of the BritCham GD, each company made a presentation to introduce their own business. In this session, EII’s representative introduced its business streams and main projects as well as the experience and expertise to help more companies develop within the healthcare industry in China. At the end, EII’s representative warmly wished that all the guests STAY HEALTHY during this special pandemic period.  

在广东英国商会进行了开场致辞后,进入各企业的演讲环节。EII代表在此环节向在场嘉宾介绍了EII的核心业务及其主要项目,展示EII在医疗健康领域的经验与技术,以期许帮助中国更多的企业进入医疗健康行业发展。在展示结束之时,EII代表不忘温馨叮嘱各位,在疫情特殊时期STAY HEALTHY(保持身体健康)。

Subsequently, EII’s representative chaired the Panel Discussion where they discussed the opportunities and challenges for corporate development, business transformation, and future plans during a pandemic. The guests were from various industries including education, e-commerce, real estate, life sciences, media, professional services, logistics, and manufacturing and they shared their insights about response plans and transformational services. For example, the educational enterprises offered online/offline blended curriculum and also provided corresponding courses on hygiene.  

随后,EII代表主持圆桌讨论(Panel Discussion),共话疫情之下的企业发展机遇与挑战、行业变革、以及未来计划等。行业嘉宾来自教育、电商、房地产、生命科学、传媒、专业服务、物流、制造业等行业,对其所在行业分享相关应对计划及变革服务,如教育行业整合线上线下课程,同时也相应提供关于卫生相关的课程。



Pre-COVID-19, companies were faced with uncertainty and rapid changes in the world, but COVID-19 has added more uncertainty to an already complicated business environment. Although we still need to continue social distancing practices for the time being, it is particularly important to maintain the smooth exchange of information under these uncertain circumstances.



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