Edinburgh International Investments Ltd is a UK based company founded by The University of Edinburgh and a Hong Kong listed hospital management partner with its headquarters in Edinburgh and a subsidiary company office Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

Our mission is to support the development of China’s healthcare sector through our unique international offering of medical and healthcare products and services.

Resourced by one of the world’s leading universities and a seasoned hospital management company, our principle business activities are:

  • healthcare service delivery, including hospital management, operations, marketing and hospital equipment procurement
  • healthcare data services, including expertise in analysis and technology structures
  • training for hospital personnel at all levels
  • medical research, including capacity building and governance
  • investment in healthcare services, products, equipment, data management and services

We are proud to bring to China:

  • Scotland’s experience and technology, notably the care and management model of diabetes and chronic disease management
  • academic and operational management expertise for cooperation with hospitals, universities and government agencies
  • unique and competitive services to  industry

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